Chile as a Study Destination

Chile is located in the south-west South America.  Chile is bordered by Bolivia to the north-east, Argentina to the east, and Peru to the north. Chile has a varied geography. Chile attracts many international students from across the world. The country has beautiful volcanoes, glaciers, natural landscapes, and dense forest. Chile has a rich and unique cultural heritage, and a fine literary tradition.

Chile in Brief

Official name: The Republic of Chile 

Capital: Santiago

Type of Government: Representative Democracy, Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic

Official language: Spanish

Official currency: Peso(CLP)

Internet domain: .cl

Reasons to Study Abroad in Chile

Chile is a home to some of the best universities in Latin America. It is one of the countries in Latin America that has the highest influx of international students from various continents. Chile is known for its education, research, innovation, and economic and political stability. It is emerging as a great study as well as vacation destination. 

Following are the reasons to study abroad in Chile: 

High Quality Education and Academics

Chile has well-organised education system and one of the best higher education systems in Latin America. A wide range of courses are offered by the higher education institutions in Chile. Different subjects offered are: history, sustainable development, astronomy, geography, political science, business, human rights, geology and science. 

Learn Spanish Language

The official and national language of Chile is Spanish. Spanish is the third most extensively spoken language. In Chile, you get to learn this language and it will surely be an asset to you. Many high school, undergraduate and postgraduate pupils come to Chile to learn Spanish.

Welcoming, Safe and Friendly Environment and People

People in Chile are welcoming and friendly. Chileans like it when international students come to their country and learn about their culture and language. Chile is the topmost country in terms of safety and competitiveness in Latin America. 

Affordable Living

Chile is cheap as compared to US, Europe, Australia and Canada. International students can study and live in Chile at an affordable price. Public transport in Chile is cheap. 

Many Scholarship Programmes

The Chilean Government provides many scholarship programmes for Chilean as well as international students. Also, the Chilean higher education institutions offer scholarships to students.
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