Cost of Study and Living in Chile

Planning to study abroad in Chile, read on to know about student accommodation, transport, living and study cost, and other aspects of living in Chile.

Tuition Fees

The higher education institutions in Chile charge tuition fees. Students can expect to pay around US $ 5,500 at the private universities in Chile. Students who wish to go for medicine studies can expect to pay more per. 

Living Expenses

Students can expect to pay US $ 700 to US $1,100, inclusive of transport, accommodation and food. The cost of living varies as per the location and lifestyle. Larger cities in Chile are more costly than smaller ones.

Student Accommodation

In Chile, a variety of accommodation is available for students. International students can rent an apartment or furnished room, or stay with a Chilean family.

Hotels: This accommodation option is costly. 

Student residence: Many higher education institutions in Chile offer university residences to the students. This accommodation option is convenient and economical for the students. It is close to the campus and all the necessary facilities are available. Rooms are shared by 2 or more students.

Rent an apartment/shared flat: In Chile, there are furnished and unfurnished apartments or houses. Students can rent an apartment and share it with other students. 

Private apartment/flat: If you need more privacy, then this is the best option for you. 

Living with the Chilean family: This accommodation option helps you to know and learn more about Chile and its culture, people and language. 

The price of accommodation varies depending on the location, number of rooms and facilities.


Local Transportation

Getting Around by Taxi

In Chile, it is easy to get around by taxis/cabs. The taxis in Chile are metered. 

Colectivo: Handy taxi colectivos run on fixed routes. These taxis have a placard in the window that shows the destination. These taxis are comfortable and fast.

Getting Around by Commuter Rail

In Chile, there is a commuter rail network in Valparaiso and Santiago.

Travelling by Metro

The capital of Chile-Santiago has metro. It is fast, efficient and comfortable. 

Travelling In and Around by Bus

Buses in Chile are cheap and easily available. Tickets for buses can be obtained in the bus. Buses are available on several routes. “Transantiago” is a Santiago's bus system that has automatic fare machines.
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